Alexandre CARLIN  is a composer and conductor born in Versailles (France). Clarinet player, owner of a degree in musicology from French University (Sorbonne) and diplomas in band conducting. He is actually teaching in Bû’s high school (70 kms south-west of Paris) and is the conductor of three orchestras in the same city (beginning band, young band and concert band).

Mainly inspired by wind instruments, he browses some news horizons by doing some courses of music for screen in Levallois-Perret e Pierre Manchot’s classroom), and composing courses in Mantes-en-Yvelines (Stéphane Bortoli’s classroom).
Involved in local music life, he was during many years member of the organization for music of his department, and conductor of the young band of the same department.
Fond of clarinet, he is a member of the french clarinet ensemble “Les vents d’anches”, where he plays the bass and contralto clarinet.
For the moment, all his published works are available at : Éditions Pierre Lafitan, LC Éditions, Andel, Flex Éditions.